Thursday, August 6, 2009


I am pretty excited with my new home soon to be, it is not mine yet but for a start it is not too bad, I am still renting at this moment, I want to find "perfect" home for me Trisha

I want my home that to be full of love and care. I am almost there to buy my dream home, it just cash in hands not much at this moment but I am looking forward too it. I remember my first home..

My first home was a long house located in Pantai Dalam.. we have 1 room and 1 kitchen, it was so long but not wide enough, I always sleep outside because my grandfather and my grandmama stays in the one room. We had 20 cats and I remember helping my grandmama build cats house... it was our first home and it was ok. We were pretty happy, some night I will heard neighbour having sex, some night I will hear them fighting and all the stuff..

My dream home as I always visualize will be full of plants, nice porch, nice room for all my clothes, Trisha room with Pink color paint and nice lovely kitchen so I can baked and cook. Trisha will be studying at the living room. I will be cooking and making a coffee and have a someone I love very much next to me and talk about mistake and life
That will be my dream home.. cozy and lovely..

Friends can come over chilling at our "Teratak" and brings their partner along.. I loved having guest. It makes me alive..

I hope my condition will not get bad because I would love to see my dream home. I hopes this H1N1 virus wont infected me.. I hope I can see the sun and the moon as long as I live.

And if so happen I die, I want to die as a happy women, I want to see the world that God created and I want all my good friends to be there during my funeral and smile because I will be there by their side.

I hope by then if I am gone, Trisha will be strong enough to continue my stories in her eyes as she sees me in her, I hope my friends will continue telling my story of life as an inspiration to other women and I really hope they will remember me all the times during bad, good, sad and happy time. Because even if I am not there anymore, my spirit will always be there.. to listen to them...

I will definitely tell God if I ever see him to put all my friends, my friends family and friends to put all of them in the highest level of heaven...