Monday, February 7, 2011

arrangement of marriage

Wow... never I thought a arrangement of marriage can be so tiring and exhausting, yesterday I pickup my beloved Doggie from Bern house, the house I used to stayed before is so gorgeously nice, I wish I am in there, but then again I don't have much to complained about nowdays, my future mother in-law is so nice and so lovely, my father in law amazingly awesome.

My brother in law and all so lovely as well, so do I have anything to complained about? NO.. My future husband is amazingly romantic, lovely, hardworking, and such a good provider. Yesterday I saw him teaching Trisha, my heart sank, how wonderful he is...

Boo and Bella missed me like hell.. I will hope everything go smoothly and may Bern will accepted this and move on sooner, I hope everything on his side is well and good...

May God show me the right path..