Wednesday, May 18, 2011

life turning upside down

Yesterday my furniture was collapsing out of nothing, no wind hit it, no crack on the table and its broken, just like my heart piece and piece of it, why life testing me now? why is it so hard this time to break through?

I am losing my mind again, today as I already put money in my card, the card got stolen, I couldn't believe my luck anymore. It getting from bad to worst to worst every single day... Gosh!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hearts broken over and over

Kenny G & Tony Braxton - Can An Angel Break My Heart

Sometimes being human you don't expect to be hurt, unfortunately life is not like that. Life is complicated and often the most unexpected person you think will not hurt you feeling are the one that broke your feelings badly.

We used to ask our self when we were poor, we want to be rich, we want to have nice car, nice house, shopping money but then we forgot to ask.. How is to feel to be rich? Does it good enough? Does it give us happiness we ever search for? Does love stay with the money that you give? Does it enough to guarantee a happiness for a lifetime.

Sometimes we forgot to thanked the small things that matter in our life, like a roof over our head, a food to keep our energy going, a health then doesn't cause death? sometimes we forgot to thank that at least GOD give us LIFE!

Sometime we need to see what we didn't missed instead of what we miss in life, what we have instead of what we don't have.

Life is like a big waves in the sea, it's rough but yet keep the adrenaline kicking. Love making us do crazy things in life. Memories is the hardest things, it gives us 2 gifts.. one a sweet memories than makes us smile doing bad times, and the second one a bad memories that sometimes playing in our head like a movie, and even you press STOP it keep on playing in our head and you can delete it.

What I need to do know is how to move forward because there is NO U TURN in the life I am facing.... no matter how hurts my feeling is... I still need to keep on moving.

sooner or later I will be ok...