Saturday, November 21, 2009


Words of encouragement is something i loved to hear, especially when hope seems very tiny on the skies. Yesterday my daughter Trisha gave me a words of encouragement and for once I am so glad to hear those words from her.

She said to me "Mummy no amount of disease neither sickness will stop you or me from achieving what you really want and if "IT" didn't stop you, it wont stop me as well. Don't you worry mummy I can handle this just like you".

I am so relief hearing this from her and knowing she will be ok. Sometimes she can says the most brilliant thing at the right time and there's a time when she says really ridiculous thing at the wrong time. I am glad to know she is ok and she can take care of herself at age 13. She is the amazing things that ever happened to me.

My health not too good lately, I have been sick since 3 days ago due to work stress and life stress but I am so glad today is weekend so I can be with my beloved dogs,daughter and my B.

I have been visiting and I send an email to Dave because I read about his life stories and I am amazed by his life story. To my surprise he response to my email and he also did read my story on my blog and he did give words of encouragements that fire up my spirit today to write. I am glad that I can shared my stories of life to the people who also need some lights in their life as much as me. Thank you Dave for your amazing email. I am so flattered with your compliment, I have never had such compliment before, perhaps I have never shared my blog to many people.

I am going to start writing again and hopefully this time I can finish what I have started... and hopefully Oprah might read my email that I sent to her yesterday...She is my big high dreams. I always had a dream to see Oprah in person and give her a big hug because she is like my God mother..