Thursday, January 14, 2010

my dream about to come to life

Lately I have been pretty excited, I have done some research for my book, I will be able to publish the first 1000 copies first than I can starts marketing it, 1 thing at the time, people said women can get everything the want if they focus one thing at one time and sucess is guranteed. So that is the direction I am heading too.

I get very easily annoyed lately, perhaps due to medication I am start taking. I kind of feeling edgy with myself lately. Its the hormone inbalance, at nite I am having problem to sleep, I dream something really scary lately.

I always having a nightmare, same nightmare over and over again.. a guy came and strangle me, and kill my girl and i hold him by his neck and jump over the building with him to let my girl live.. I dont know what it means...

I am excited because I am starting something big in my life, I had enough of working with people following their way, I want to do my own way of work and earned unlimited amount of cash..i want to not ever feel worry about money or a home for me and Trisha..

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year

2009 is the end of my 3 decade in life and I am starting everything in new chapter for 2010. I am looking forward to start travelling around, renovating my house, see the world I once dream off like Greece, Spain, America, Paris, Maldives, to take a cruise on Caribean island and went jungle tracking, or skiing and other world that God has create and live life to the fullest.

I have been making few steps in life by put everything I remember in my blog so one day If I so happen to loss my memory I can read all these things I wrote. if ever i can remember who I am anymore, at least somehow have read my blog and reminded me who I am...
Nelson Mandela use to said " We are the Captain of our life, we are the key to a journey to our life" I want to make the best of my life now......