Thursday, June 17, 2010

Plan for life

I heard this words many times in my life "People who fail to plan, plan to fail" and recently I realise this quote are so true.

Along the life of human sometimes we kind of miss track about direction that we are headings and we wonder why things doesn't follwo what we want.

This year I have start planning carefully every step of my life in many areas, I have identify areas that I need to improve further and I also have prepared Plan A, to Plan B to Plan Z. Of course as a human we can only plan and the rest is the fate and opportunity that come lin front of us, if we prepare better when opportunity knocks on our door than we be able grab it. I have found this amazing software 'attractor genie" to help in my planning and so far it has been a great help.

I realise in the book call "The secret' they forgotten to remind us that challenges may appear in many areas before anyone be able to achieve many of their dreams, but teh key is to keep on strike for excellent in many areas of our lief. The mind is so powerful if we visualize hard enough with hard work and efforts.

Nothing come easy in life, but if we plan properly and manoveur our way correctly we all can achieved almost everything.

I want to begin with loving myself more and more everyday. I want to begin to appreciate my life more and more and strike for the best in everything. I have so much power of my believe that I know MIRACLE is possible....