Monday, July 19, 2010

what a day!

People said sometimes GOD test us in many ways, the more harder his test is, the better opportunity he will show us and give us.

Now I do believe in HIM,I do believe everything happen for a reason and sometimes it might take us 1 month or 1 day or even 1 year to know those reason.

I thought 2009 was bad, with my illness and my sickness it did pull me down and I tell myself next year will be different.

Year 2010 prove to me that it's even harder in many way..

my health, my relationship, my career, my family, my daughter, my friends, he provide me such a challenge to everything around me this year. Perhaps he is planning to give something really BIG to me. and I hope that it will be sooner because I am trying everyday to cope with it with patience that I have left, which will be running out soon... very soon.

My CD4 counts drop to 176, my appendix decided to burst out this year and causes inflamation to my fallopion tube, and my daughter decided to stress me more with teenages cycle hormone such as trying to commiting suicide and letting go rebellious anger towards me.

Today again something that testing my patience,from morning I have quite a few setback to banking problem in HSBC that bloody piss me off because the so call "security device" is not even working. what the fuck. I was in the bank the whole day to register my tele banking and now after 6 hours waiting, the bloody thing didnt fucking work and the customer service that I call can't even assist me on this, instead she ask me to go back to the bank AGAIN and get a new security device.

Then the ASB also fucking pissed me off. I wanted to open an account with ASB and went to POS office nearby my house and they said I am not qualified to apply because my mum is not malay or bumiputra!!! what a #$%%%#! what do they mean not bumiputra, she did convert to muslim and married my malay father and she change her religion to Muslim and what is so damn hard about it.

The last bank that pissed me off is Public Bank, I went last month and deposit my 1000 savings money using they cash deposit machine and today when I checked my account, the money dissapear and no body and explain to me how that happen.

and to make it worst I just recovered from major operation, my stitches haven't even heal properly yet and I end up running up and down from one bank to another bank and get this fucking suck services..

Come mon enough already with this bad services that we have in Malaysia. Time to change to better in order to move up just like the rest of the world.

I always hear either my friends, or colleague complaning about bad services in Malaysia and it is sicken to experienced it myself.