Monday, July 27, 2009


I am feeling very good these past few days with my work and especially my health. After knowing my condition few months back I thought I will be sick soon or maybe some minor skin problems here and there but fortunately I feel even better than before. I feel very energetic, I feel very positive and in fact I am looking forward to everyday life.

Maybe this HIV thing is not really a bad thing, the more I look at the bright side, the more confident I become in handling this sickness. I am very happy and contented with my life now.

I do feel a bit sad with Yasmin Ahmad passed away last weekend. I do admire her ads and her movie and her vision of one Malaysian, so sad she is gone without seeing the result of her vision.

You can't find people like her in Malaysia much, her ads really touchy and does deliver the message of one malaysian. We used to be 1 Malaysian but somehow that line has been broken by some selfish people who have their own agenda and all..

Health is very important, in fact health is the most important compare to rest of other stuff, without health we will not achieve our dreams....

May my health remain good for the next few years at least the next 50 years hopefully..

I have so much dreams and so much goals and I am so eager to make it happen.

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