Thursday, October 29, 2009

Live and Death

We spend our lives chasing excellent grades, silky smooth skin, a wonderful family, a good job and a goose with golden eggs (duh...who wouldn't?). Don't get me wrong folks. That's all good. You gotta have goals in your life (accept for the goose, that's pretty far fetched).

But how many of us realize that all those things that we chase are nothing more than probabilities? Do we realize that nothing that we chase in our lives are certain? How many of us can tell with absolute confidence that they'll get good grades? If you think that you can, "BRAVO!"Ironically, there is one thing that is certain.

All of us are approaching it without even chasing it. Well, you don't need to. It is chasing you. Some want to run away from it. Some crave it. Some just don't give a damn (whoa...what's with the language dude?!).

That's DEATH! Surprised?'s not really a shocker. We all know that we will die some day. Just like our pets, the orchid in the garden, the tapeworm in your bowel, or even your Volvo (it's gonna be scrap metals one day right?).

sometimes the question not always about death.. but about rising up and get out from the comfort zone which most of us are... we afraid to speak our mind, we fear our boss will fired our ass if we do disagree with him.. but that is the point of life to disagree if u don't feel like there is a reason to agreed, to argue with your boyfriend when he think he point of view are the only important one, life is about stand up and stands out.. Never strike for good, strike for excellence than success will come

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