Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Are you going to finish strong!

Am I going to finish strong?

I’m not an angel…I’m also not a Devil; I am a combination of both… But what I always believe in my life is I can take up pain very well, because I always have this little voice in me that always motivate me from time to time.

There’s a time I tell myself no matter how bad I fall on the ground, I’ll try hundred times to get up and if I fail hundred times and I give up, I don’t think I would ever GET UP?, but if I fail and I try again, and again and AGAIN, I believe out of 300 times I tried I definitely will get up again and I get up even stronger and more powerful than I was down.

What matters the most in this world is how you going to FINISH it. Are you going to FINISH STRONG… because if you do then you will find the STRENGTH to get up and FIGHT, what you need is a clear mind and everything follows along and positive mind can give positive vibes and that’s all you need and that’s all I ever need this time around.

The current predicament of myself of course doesn't look good, in fact few weeks back I was in denial stage, I was not accepting my situation, I was asking myself the same question over and over again why me? I was feeling despair, pain, fell like someone abandon me, I feel alone, and sad of course .Now I have learn to accept my real situation and I be able to turn it around and make the best out of it. In fact I had a dream of myself blowing my birthday cake at age 87 and I look damn healthy than ever. I can even see my grandchildren and my great grandchildrens running around.

The key of life is "BELIEVE" and I do believe in Miracle.

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