Wednesday, March 11, 2009



Sometimes I believe life is just like a big huge giant puzzle, you need to take time to do it as old people said patience is virtue and sometimes you will made few mistakes along the way but it is ok because you can always do it again and when the puzzles is complete it is amazing how beautiful it can be. It takes time, effort and patience. I love my blog title; I find it interesting if a person in this universe starts taking their life as if their last day in this earth.

I had few reasons why my blog title is such, firstly I love the song that sang by Tim McGraw, secondly I think sometimes we're living our life like we outlived God, it seems like we going to live life forever and because of that lots of people making a same mistake I did.
I forget to live my life to the fullest, the next thing I know I am dying and death came so quickly that I can't even avoid it.

So here I am taking about live and death at the same time. I had another blog before this but my previous blog was pretty straight forward, this time I want to make it more interesting. I want to tell mys tory to the world, I love the idea of life is like a puzzle, the funny thing about it I do not have patience to complete it, the satisfaction is amazingly achievable and it takes time but time is what I don't have
I always believe we born in this world for a purpose, If I am a musician, I would compose a song for the world to hear it, if I am a dancer I will dance so people can enjoyed it and understand my move, if I am a artist I will draw an abstract art so people can analyzed it but I am a writer so I am going to write my story and shared it to the world.

Life's like a puzzle to me, sometimes it gets hard but sometimes it may seem easy. My life is not at all interesting but my journey is amazing and I've learned wonderful things throughout that I would love to share and to allow you to complete my puzzle if my journey were to end today so that you can share it with the world that has a puzzle to complete just like mine.

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