Monday, December 7, 2009

hohoho xmas coming..

Christmas coming soon this year, I have done decorating my xmas tree my 2 dogs, my daughter, and myself of course..

Of course this christmas I remember those who have left us to meet their creator, my good friend among one of them. I still vividly remember when we send him to gateway to another side, it was such a lovely day, I pass by the cemetery at Klang, I thought I saw an angel with big huge wings looking down at us, I know some people did tell me it could be my mind playing tricks but either its a trick or real, this angel look so beautiful and so peace at the same time. So many people attending his funeral, malay, chinese, Indian and all race was there. We all sang him his favorite song if tomorrow never come and it makes me wonder about death and our departure when the times come..

am I afraid of death?.. of course.. we all do because we had no idea what is waiting us the other side of the journey but for now I will try my level best to enjoy my life, to enjoy people around me.

Yesterday my daughter went for christmas shopping for orphanage kids, we were so happy to pick up all the present for them and in fact I bought twister game and when we reach at home after visiting my Godfather we start played the game. my daughter and I have a good laugh twisting our legs and hands and we giggle all nite. It was fun and it was an tiring of course with muscle cramp on my hands and legs..

At this moment, I am glad to not being sick, to not worries and stress of work.. I am glad to have support from my girl .. because she all I ever have. 16 years being leaving on my own, one day I hope I will have my own family, many children doesnt matter if is mine or not, decorating xmas tree and running around with big huge dogs... for that I would like to Thank God for all his gift and all his bless to me.. Thank you very much God....

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