Saturday, November 6, 2010


My title of this blog is life is full of surprise, now let me explain I do know this phrase often been mention around me but never I thoughts that i will live through this phrase of word ever..

And seriously. I can't wait to know what will be next..

I live a life as a fighter, and I will fight harder and harder every year.People often ask me, do I have so much courage and strength, my answer will be NOT at ALL... but the strength I get was my daughter, for her I fight harder, for her I strike harder, for her I PROMISE to give her a family she never had, to give her a father she never has, for her I strike and I will fight harder. WITHOUT HER I AM GONE. WITHOUT HER MY STRENGTH IS EMPTY, WITHOUT HER I AM NO ONE.

May God give me strength to fight and courage to survive because I know my life will be full of suprise.....

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