Saturday, November 27, 2010

life is something that happens when you cant get to sleep

Off late i feel like every time I close my eyes I feel as if so many things worries me, I feel as if I am 21 again, that I have to start struggle my life all the time, I feel as if my life is coming to the end..

Am I dreaming? or is it my life has come to the end of road? What is life beneath us? What is our purpose of life struggling and trying to live in this world?

Those are the question I seem cant find the answer... I wish one day I will know..I wish I will know it before my time comes to the end..

I remember watching SWEET NOVEMBER and how wonderful life is if you can just maintain the beautiful memories of LOVE just as it is....

I lost the feeling of LOVE, I am afraid I cant love anyone anymore... I am so afraid and fear of LOVE... Should I give up on it just because I have tried many many times and my heart seems like been broken to piece in thousand times...

I don't know the answer for now.. But I hope when LOVE come and find me, it will a wonderful love, not a painful one....

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