Monday, January 17, 2011

OMG im getting married..

I am having a cold feet right now knowing November just around the corner, and how important to me that I am getting to know my other half..but deep inside my heart I feel sligthly sad leaving the old memories that I have kept in my mind. How painful it is to have ur heart broken so many no of times. Many ppl tell me "are u sure this guy u about to marry is the one?" The truth is NO I don't know. I don't want to find "the one" it could take another 60 years of thinking u might find the right one.. What if u never find it? For me this is the most crazy idea I ever had in my mind for the longest year.. And yes I will make him the one, even though I know I need to heal myself first.. But I know this is sometimes I really want.

My ex keep on saying "find out what u really want", but having a family. My own kids is all I want in my life. Being a mother, succesful career person is what I really want... I want to be everything I can possibly be... I admit it all happened too fast, but are we God to determined all that? Do we really know people fate and life as if its on our hands..

So I don't give a damn what people said. For once I want to be happy without give a shit to what people think of me.. For tthose who's care.. I will say thank u.. For those who don't... I will still say thank u to whatever reason of u saying know. It is my life at all...

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