Monday, March 21, 2011

I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul

I often come across people complains about life.. and my answer will be .. REALLY? Is your life so hard? A normal complains range from boyfriend issues, money issues, family issues and the forgot to appreciate one thing in life.. to be able to breath air and still alive for another day without being DEATH, neither struggling with predicament that the higher above given for a test in life and the best thing is instead of appreciate life they complains.. .

I am so annoyed with this kind of attitude of people, or people that look down on other people just because they have higher status or higher position... Hello!! the world is not depending on status because KARMA does bite you back hard...

I also meet people that discriminate, like my meeting with MAC (Malaysian Aids Council) where this lady saying that the 1st line of medication for HIV+ people is not so good compare the 2nd line or 3rd line of medication, so are u saying people who poor, who only deserved 1st line medication, however people with high rank, higher position or title deserved 2 or 3rd line of medication? what crap is this? the country tried to prevent discrimination with people who living with HIV+ but people that working for this association doesn't apply this concept at all..

This is so disappointing as a victim of this disease I am actually being label, as the same with drug addict and prostitution, so just because I got raped that mean I deserved a crappy medication?? what on world happen to my country? where is the brainers of my people gone too?No wonder people start migrating to other country, just like my favorite author Aidid Safar.. he has left and no ones no where he is.. just because he told the truth..

So again.. I have to tell myself everyday.. I am the master of my fate and I am the captain of my soul.. Therefore this is my fight and I will fight for the better of my people..

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