Thursday, March 31, 2011

My past, present and future

Why is it hard to move on when you keep hold on to your past... I realize what I need to do in life from now on, to stop looking back and just move forward.. Everything surround me full of the past and I need the present to reveal by itself and work for my better future, I need to feel motivated to move forward but how could I? I just saw my 1st ex on FB and now he is married and I am glad that he married to the right women. However sometimes I feel so empty and so hollow inside.

Why do I feel this way? When everything around me will work wonders. Maybe I will grow older by myself. My daughter driving me mad about teenager rebellious, oh gosh I have so much weight on me and I don't know what to do. My memories in my brain kills me more and more I look at it. I feel hurt and feel sad and feel horrible.

I know this feeling just momentary and it will be gone as fast as the wind but this feeling killing me more and more all the time.

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