Friday, April 1, 2011

it is not easy being a mother

Today I realize being a single mother to teenagers daughter is really a headache, my daughter threaten to run away. Reason being because I scold and beat her for not cleaning a room and being rude. Now am I wrong to teach her what she can do in liife? Am I wrong telling her to clean a room because it such a mess? Am I wrong trying to teach her be good and be a good daughter?

I don't know what to do anymore. I am stressing out about money and now I'm stressing out about life? What the fuck is that? The worst thing is I can't quit my "JOB" and being a mother is a permanent things in life. Gosh why is it now such a mess.. I'm going through depression and now my daughter want to run away? I really don't understand why this is happening again and again...

No one ever warned me about rage of teenager. I am coming to the lost mind... If anyone out there ever read this... I am so needed an advise how to manage a teenage daughter...

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